Auto Lemon Law Attorneys
Auto Lemon Law Attorneys

RV lemon law in Ohio protects your investment.

Chances are you bought your RV so that you would have the freedom and flexibility to travel at your convenience without having to worry about accommodations. Your RV was a significant investment and it needs to work for you---not the other way around. The State of Ohio recognizes this, and has enacted a consumer lemon law to protect you from manufacturers of defective RVs. If your investment has gone sour and you live in Ohio, you are covered by RV lemon law. Put this law to work for you by speaking with one of our Ohio lemon law attorneys.

Ohio RV Lemon Law covers everything from chassis defects to water leaks, to electrical issues.
An RV that exhibits defects in the chassis and the driving/electrical/engine/suspension components is very likely covered if the defect is reported within the first year and 18,000 miles. Living and storage compartment defects are not always covered. However, we have won claims concerning water leaks and plumbing issues, and defects in electronics and finishing parts such as flooring, cupboards and slide-outs. Here is a list of defects which are generally covered by lemon law in Ohio:

  • Defects that create a substantial impairment of the vehicle's use, value and safety.
  • 3 unsuccessful repairs of same defect; or
  • 30 calendar days out of service; or
  • 8 total repairs of any defects; or
  • 1 unsuccessful repair of a problem likely to cause death or serious bodily injury within 1 year or 18,000 miles from date of delivery;
  • Leased vehicles are covered;
  • You do not have to be the original owner.

Our experienced, diligent Ohio lemon law attorneys get you back on the road fast, at no cost to you.
RV lemon law claims can be complicated. Attempting a claim on your own involves a lot of time spent researching your rights, writing letters, and trying to get your calls returned. Our experienced attorneys will save you time and eliminate your frustration by advising you on how to file a claim and win a recovery. Quickly learn how you are protected by lemon law in Ohio and end your RV problems now. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact one of our Ohio lemon law attorneys online or call toll-free at 1-888-536-2889 (888-LEM-ATTY).