Auto Lemon Law Attorneys
Auto Lemon Law Attorneys

RV lemon law: If your RV is spending more time in the shop than on the road, you may be entitled to a new RV or money back.

You bought your RV to explore new destinations and enjoy traveling. However, if your RV is spending more time in the shop than on the road, you're not getting all you should from your substantial investment. If you think you have a lemon RV, the same consumer lemon law that protects your car, truck, van and other products may also cover your RV. Find out if you are entitled to a new RV or refund by answering a few brief questions in our free RV lemon law case review form.

Act now to recover your losses through existing state and federal consumer protection laws.

While many states have a consumer lemon law that specifically pertains to RVs, and details vary from state-to-state. But even if your state's lemon laws don't apply to RVs, it is likely that another consumer lemon law applies. William F. Perry Co. LPA can help you determine which laws exist in your state.

Learn more about Ohio RV Lemon Law

Endless RV trouble? The experienced Ohio lemon law attorneys at William F. Perry Co. LPA will help you a new RV or money back.

If your RV has a defect or condition that substantially impairs its use, value, or safety, William F. Perry Co. LPA will investigate to determine if you have a viable claim. Potential manufacturer problems include:

  • Repeated repairs that did not satisfactorily fix the problem;
  • Denial of warranty claims without reasonable explanation;
  • System and component issues from electrical inverters to furnishing fit-and-finish flaws, and everything in-between;
  • Actual cargo capacity significantly lower than advertised after applying weight restrictions & safety standards;
  • Poor warranty claims handling and processing;
  • Exchange of blame between manufacturer and dealer.

Let us settle your lemon RV claim at no cost to you.

You've already experienced enough undue expense and frustration--- that's why we're in business: to protect and seek justice for lemon vehicle victims. When your case is settled, the manufacturer pays all costs, including our attorney's fees. Don't live with your lemon RV for one more day--- contact an attorney at William F. Perry Co. LPA now!